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Race like a warrior October 5, 2009

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Did everyone go to race for the cure? We are destined to make this world a better place. =)

Tech vs. UNM. This game is amazing! GO TECH GO TECH. Football players are too cute.

Monstrous mistake made when I decided to eat breakfast one hour prior to Race for the Cure.
Usually I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping. I was aiming to do that today. Unfortunately, my breakfast decision had led me to walk through most of the race. On top of that, Sherlock slept through the race! Where is thy support?!

Support breast cancer research! You can make a difference! I arrived home and decided that another bowl of fried rice and one fried egg and four servings of fried green onion eggs ( 2 whole eggs+ 2 egg whites + lots of green onion) and 5 (!!??) pears and two apples would increase her brain cells’ ability.

Just when I decided no more food for the rest of the day, Sherlock and Dumpling made butternut squash fries!
Another 3 mile run was needed for the day!

Duty of the day

  • Finish reading the Time Traveler’s wife
  • Do notes for genetic/analytical chemistry/biology
  • Research for bridging the gap between science and humanities
  • Reach Ch5 of PoliSci
  • Read the Wallstreet Journal and economist
  • clean room
  • do laundry!!

One Response to “Race like a warrior”

  1. Grace Says:

    you have so big stomach!!!!!
    i can’t believe you ate so many things….
    better to stop eating then….!

    i wanna that fried rice you cooked! and that piece of toast with cream~~~~


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