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Weekend reverie October 5, 2009

Filed under: Devour Baker Street — asianwarrior @ 11:27 pm

This weekend has been astonishing! It embarked with a great breakfast on Friday. None fat Dannon yogurt with a whole table spoon of honey and walnut topping. I say that is a whole tablespoon of delight!Almond chocolate milk is always a good companion to any breakfast meals! Oh!! I have a bloody affection for fruits! And pears are DELICIOUS! Asian pears are super good too, but they exceed a poor college student’s budget. =(

Hunger deprived.

Lunch was beef fried rice!! I like to put a bunch of green union in it. It makes it really flavorful. One advice about green onions on food is that, add it FRESH! I usually make several servings worth of fried rice and eat it throughout the week. If I had added the green onions in and cooked it, it would have lost the flavor and turn yellowish.

Desserts are needed due to my strong temptation for sweets

Dinner was a disaster, a awesome one though. =) I had three bananas, three pears, and four apples. I wanted those fruit to last a week, but…plan failed.

!Walmart trip with Sherlock!
Sherlock and I decided to try butternut squash and sweet potato baked fries! I also decided to cut down on fruit consumption but it might be futile.


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