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Burgaaa October 10, 2009

Filed under: Devour Baker Street — asianwarrior @ 5:15 pm

After Sherlock made bean burgers last week, I have decided today was a good day to make some. It is soooooo good! So boil some pinto beans and add whole wheat flour and some sauce, fry it and add cheese, mustard, KETCHUP, and whole wheat bread.


We get Monday and Tuesday off for fall break!!!( Dumpling still has school though, hehe) !!!

Classes are posted for next semester! Love picking classes. That’s basically what I’ve done all day. Possibly having Tuesday and Thursday off next semester. That way I can FINALLY find a job as a pharmTech. I passed the exam when I graduated from high school and am lazy enough to not use my license for almost two years! Shame shame.

Weather in Lubbock is becoming unbearable! Tomorrow we are hosting a pot luck. You are welcomed if you are hot! Bring your favorite food! See ya šŸ˜‰


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