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Sterling Monday October 13, 2009

Filed under: Warrior's exploration — asianwarrior @ 5:04 am

Instinctively I crawled back to bed when the alarm set and my first breath of fresh air was notably cold. Freezing to be more exact. The neuron circuit in my brain was calculating which action would be less painful— sleep ten more minutes and rush out to my car in thirty seconds, or give up the precious sleeping time for the risk of heart diseases in my old age. The neurons decided sleeping has an absolute advantage, and the opportunity cost was fairly low.

After dropping Alissia off school, Sriyutha and I went to Barnes and Noble in search for a daily planner. We were aghast to find all the planners and notebooks cleared out due to a relocation purpose. Oh well, a new Barnes and Noble can only be described as deluxe. We soon found new pleasure drenched in isles of 50% off clearances. We treated ourselves with five dollar cook books, and imagined ourselves devouring the pages of professionally photographed foods. After arriving home, I ordered a daily planner from amazon and added a GMAT practice book along with it. The day started amazingly since my planner was on its journey to acquaint me and ease my chaotic and catastrophic life. Room cleaned, laundry done, notes organized; now I just need to bury myself in numerous papers and journals and text books.

On the way back from picking Alissia up from school, we went to Wal-mart since she needed a poster for her español project. Due to our long desire for a sandwich maker and waffle maker, we have decided to stop by and see if the cheapest ones were in stock. Astonishingly it was, both for $9.49! Ten dollar machines!? Luxury indeed, especially for a destitute college student. =) I grabbed a bag of grapes thinking it would at the very least last two day….it it completely gone now…in my stomach…hehe. I strongly believe my genetics text book is hailing me. =) Until next time, from a devastated Homo sapien.


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