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I’m just that into you November 4, 2009

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Yes I love you sooooo much Jay Chou….I know……this is completely creepy…whatever! I vowed to marry him since middle school! I do what I want, he do what I want! Hahaha Jk…..

After a series of horrid events—HON social( thanks Sriyutha you made it, I heart you), genetics test, poli sci paper, job interviewing ( which was actually quite fun), bumping into many objects due to my poor driving skills ( thank budda no major damages…..), gaining f***ing like 20 pounds, catching the flu from some incompetent people, missing two classes, losing my doctor’s note, getting a 125 dollar fine from the library for a book that clearly says its due date is January 2010, using toilet paper to blow my nose because I am too lazy to go to Wal-Mart,and worst of all, the tofu I bought at Market Street was bad—I still manage to be alive andย  in my usual ecstatic mood.

And my usual food pictures…..I cannot recall what else I’ve eaten for the past 2 weeks……I should just bring my camera with me 24/7


walnut-chocolate chip-banana pancake

Chocolate chip-banana-walnut pancake

pineapple...not sweat...

and these two pictures that I was not aware of…..taken by an unknown person most possibly my sister…..

i like



Yesterday I went to Scottie’s house to check out what his apartment looks like. Scottie is Hakka and he made this Hakka dish—I forgot what the name was….something chicken with—anyway it was SUPER good!!!!!!!!

What else……ummmm…..aside from me and Sriyutha dressing up as OLs for Halloween………I start working this Saturday…..ummmmmm…..My cousin got married, and I am not there to drink his wedding wine….boooo….

My other cousin plays softball and he had some super cute pictures…so I am gonna share them with you without him notified. ๐Ÿ˜‰

13039_1119466160796_1651314761_30338543_248072_n13039_1119466200797_1651314761_30338544_6947096_n13039_1119453000467_1651314761_30338484_4673828_nOkie…back to HW…….I’m not into you at all!


3 Responses to “I’m just that into you”

  1. Tranizzle Says:

    Jay Chou is amazing. I may have to steal him from you ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Man, it sounds like you had an awful week! Did you hear Dr. Rodgers might have screwed up the grades for exam 2 again? But we won’t know anything until she gets back since she’s GONE all next week!

    Get well soon and beat that flu!

  2. peanutbutterdaydreamer Says:

    Hey you! I think i am imuno-Asian-deficent…hrm mmmvegg
    your cousin is cute;)

  3. peanutbutterdaydreamer Says:

    you bumped your car?!?!!!

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