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8 days a week; I Laaaaa~~laaa~~love you November 11, 2009

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Beatle fan soy yo. Sí sí mamasita,  muchos gusta!

Beware of 1:29,my favorite part!!

So who is it that I laaaaa~~laaa~~love? Pancakes!!!!!!!


The clash of oatmeal and pancake. You know they love each other! Meant to be is what I call it. 😉


Some chemistry going on here


Party in the house~~Do you game?


The Two Towers


It's tiny but it's a thug! It's the lil wayne pancake


They became inmates 😉

So I was going over my pictures and I discovered these pictures of a joyful event. Taking pictures is such a good way to document everything~~!!(Especially useful for memory deficient syndrome people such as I) Sriyutha made these for me! Haha be jealous.



And for future references, we DO NOT just eat all day, we study too okay!



I love  my work! The environment is super awesome. So my goal for the next year: Memorize the usage of all the drugs we have in the pharmacy!! I can do it~ ho!ho!go!go!


2 Responses to “8 days a week; I Laaaaa~~laaa~~love you”

  1. Sherlock Says:

    I love your panckes esp the lil wayne mini thug one]

  2. 譽薰 Says:

    都沒有新增 很lazy喔

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