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Goodbye Mr. Bingley November 11, 2009

Filed under: Warrior's exploration — asianwarrior @ 6:11 am

After some reconsideration and cost analysis….I have decided Mr. Bingley will not work. Mr. Bingley is my future retriever that I was planning to adopt from the animal shelter.  He is not a specific dog, I was just planning to name which ever dog I get Mr. Bingley. I wanted Mr. Bingley because dogs are so much more useful than cats. They can watch over your house, prevent thrift, take a walk with you, and actually love you and be loyal. This is how I came to the conclusion that it is a dead dream. First of all, I don’t take walks. And then these other grievances came along. Dogs are high maintenance. I don’t like the smell of dogs. I don’t want Mr. Bingley to be in my bed with me. I hate it when dogs get excited and create a victim by excessive salivation. My alternative was a tiny dog, a chiwawa or anything. So why not get a cat then? Don’t need to bath them. They are satisfied with themselves and don’t need social company. Easy.

So in the memorial of Mr. Bingley, I will not re-use his name. I shall name my future cat Mr. Darcy. I think Mr. Bingley in personality is more a dog and vice versa for Mr. Darcy. I am excited for Mr. Darcy’s arrival next fall. heartssssss


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