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8 days a week; I Laaaaa~~laaa~~love you November 11, 2009

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Beatle fan soy yo. Sí sí mamasita,  muchos gusta!

Beware of 1:29,my favorite part!!

So who is it that I laaaaa~~laaa~~love? Pancakes!!!!!!!


The clash of oatmeal and pancake. You know they love each other! Meant to be is what I call it. 😉


Some chemistry going on here


Party in the house~~Do you game?


The Two Towers


It's tiny but it's a thug! It's the lil wayne pancake


They became inmates 😉

So I was going over my pictures and I discovered these pictures of a joyful event. Taking pictures is such a good way to document everything~~!!(Especially useful for memory deficient syndrome people such as I) Sriyutha made these for me! Haha be jealous.



And for future references, we DO NOT just eat all day, we study too okay!



I love  my work! The environment is super awesome. So my goal for the next year: Memorize the usage of all the drugs we have in the pharmacy!! I can do it~ ho!ho!go!go!


Grrghh%$#%%$@%%$** October 19, 2009

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Monday again…..gosh…….Okay! So today Alissia and I went to Market Street. It is sooooo much better than walmart and I think I am going to shop there from now on! They have so many kinds of fruits and veggie and even oriental food! Prices are not that bad, most are actually cheaper than walmart.  It is 9:00pm now and I HAVE to study for genetics, chemistry, write a paper for polisci and humanities….long day…long day…long AHHHHHHHH day AHHHHHHHHH #$%#$^#%##….

Some food I had this week….( I am such a freak….)

Apple turnovers made with a sandwitch maker

Apple turnovers made with a sandwitch maker

Fried rice noodle

Fried rice noodle

Viet spring rolls

Viet spring rolls

Tofu egg soup

Tofu egg soup

Baked sweet potato chips

Baked sweet potato chips

Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal

Chocolate peanut butter oatmeal

I was cleaning my room and I found my health report in 2006. I was 10 Kg lighter……..omg………second dose of shock  today. First is my loads of work to do.

Facebook is getting really popular in Taiwan. Almost all my middle school and high school friends have it. So excited I am! HoHoHo. Now…I need to start studying. Perfect atmosphere, with Alissia sleeping. Zero distraction. MISSION POSSIBLE!



Burgaaa October 10, 2009

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After Sherlock made bean burgers last week, I have decided today was a good day to make some. It is soooooo good! So boil some pinto beans and add whole wheat flour and some sauce, fry it and add cheese, mustard, KETCHUP, and whole wheat bread.


We get Monday and Tuesday off for fall break!!!( Dumpling still has school though, hehe) !!!

Classes are posted for next semester! Love picking classes. That’s basically what I’ve done all day. Possibly having Tuesday and Thursday off next semester. That way I can FINALLY find a job as a pharmTech. I passed the exam when I graduated from high school and am lazy enough to not use my license for almost two years! Shame shame.

Weather in Lubbock is becoming unbearable! Tomorrow we are hosting a pot luck. You are welcomed if you are hot! Bring your favorite food! See ya 😉


Autumn? October 8, 2009

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100_7327Finally my favorite season is here! I can wear cute winter cloths~~~ woo hoo!

Soooooooooooooooooooo……yesterday was remarkably terrible! I was SUPER nervous and excited about donating blood. HOWEVER, I got turned down! (Wha!!! oh please take my blood??!!) I wasn’t able to give blood in high school since I was under 110 pounds. Now that I have grown tremendously in width, they have raised their standard for my height to 120! I took Charlie with me and I had to “watch” him donate. Boooo. (p.s.Charlie saved 3 ppl! You are a hero!)

If I pretend to be 5’5 and 115……humm…..I shall do that. Anyway, I have never fainted before, experience is always good.

Some food I’ve killed this week ( with my infamous warrior spirit)

My breakfast this morning~~~ yumm~~~Poping the blueburries is super fun

My breakfast this morning~~~ yumm~~~Poping the blueburries is super fun

Picture 005Picture 006Picture 012Picture 013Picture 018Picture 014


Race like a warrior October 5, 2009

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Did everyone go to race for the cure? We are destined to make this world a better place. =)

Tech vs. UNM. This game is amazing! GO TECH GO TECH. Football players are too cute.

Monstrous mistake made when I decided to eat breakfast one hour prior to Race for the Cure.
Usually I can run 3 miles in 30 minutes without stopping. I was aiming to do that today. Unfortunately, my breakfast decision had led me to walk through most of the race. On top of that, Sherlock slept through the race! Where is thy support?!

Support breast cancer research! You can make a difference! I arrived home and decided that another bowl of fried rice and one fried egg and four servings of fried green onion eggs ( 2 whole eggs+ 2 egg whites + lots of green onion) and 5 (!!??) pears and two apples would increase her brain cells’ ability.

Just when I decided no more food for the rest of the day, Sherlock and Dumpling made butternut squash fries!
Another 3 mile run was needed for the day!

Duty of the day

  • Finish reading the Time Traveler’s wife
  • Do notes for genetic/analytical chemistry/biology
  • Research for bridging the gap between science and humanities
  • Reach Ch5 of PoliSci
  • Read the Wallstreet Journal and economist
  • clean room
  • do laundry!!

Weekend reverie

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This weekend has been astonishing! It embarked with a great breakfast on Friday. None fat Dannon yogurt with a whole table spoon of honey and walnut topping. I say that is a whole tablespoon of delight!Almond chocolate milk is always a good companion to any breakfast meals! Oh!! I have a bloody affection for fruits! And pears are DELICIOUS! Asian pears are super good too, but they exceed a poor college student’s budget. =(

Hunger deprived.

Lunch was beef fried rice!! I like to put a bunch of green union in it. It makes it really flavorful. One advice about green onions on food is that, add it FRESH! I usually make several servings worth of fried rice and eat it throughout the week. If I had added the green onions in and cooked it, it would have lost the flavor and turn yellowish.

Desserts are needed due to my strong temptation for sweets

Dinner was a disaster, a awesome one though. =) I had three bananas, three pears, and four apples. I wanted those fruit to last a week, but…plan failed.

!Walmart trip with Sherlock!
Sherlock and I decided to try butternut squash and sweet potato baked fries! I also decided to cut down on fruit consumption but it might be futile.